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Internship offer from the Labcom are often unpaid, except IT/ MIS/ Marketing/ Business development relative assignment pedestal appointments. Internship scope with the Labcom is about 8 to 20 weeks program for interested candidates of Computer Science, IT, MIS, Statistics, Engineering, Business School and others relative fields.

To bridge gape between theory and practical, internship experience with the Labcom will be very advantageous for career development of an intern participant.
The Labcom Technology proudly representing the ION SCIENCE manufactures gas detection in Bangladesh
Ion Science manufactures gas detection, leak detection and corrosion monitoring equipment. Ion instruments are conceived to meet the needs of a wide range of industries and applications.  For more information Click Here
Springless Diaphragm Valves
  • For Ultra High Purity Applications
  • SS316L and SS316L VAR Bodies
  • Electropolished Wetted Surfaces
  • Manual or Pneumatic Actuation
  • Face Seal & Tube Weld More
The Labcom Technology also representing the Truelok Valves & Fittings in Bangladesh
Consultancy service on Laboratory Scientific Equipments
  • Equipment Selections
  • Equipment Sourcing
  • Equipment Supply, Installation
Assortment, sourcing and correct installation of a Laboratory Scientific Equipment is most important for any laboratory. The 'Labcom Technology' successfully providing services in the field since 1997 and now hereby ready to make available; total solution service on the substances.
"  Viscosimeters
"  Rheometers
"  Texture Analyzer
"  Temperature control
"  Measuring Geometries

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The Labcom Technology now proudly representing the following company's products in Bangladesh: -
The Labcom Technology also representing the LRLAMY RHEOLOGY in Bangladesh
The Labcom Technology/ we currently representing the "Autoscribe Informatics" a worldwide reputed company for improve your laboratory efficiencies… Click Here for More

The Labcom Technology currently representing the "S. G. Pharmatec is a renowned company" reputed company for improves your pharma industry efficiencies…

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"The Labcom Technology also representing the OptoLeaf in Bangladesh" The OptoLeaf is a film to measure the integrated amount of solar radiation and the integrated amount of light quanta.…

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